Area support is a partner of ID.IOT in a particular area that is mutually agreed upon, with responsibilities as follows :

  1. Stockist of ID.IOT products
  2. Distributor of ID.IOT products
  3. Marketing products of ID.IOT
  4. Installation of ID.IOT Products
  5. Providing after-sales service of ID.IOT products
  • - The marketing partner ID.IOT's partner to market ID.IOT products
  • - Marketing scope is accross all regions, through online or offline
  • - Products will be supplied through the existing area support where the products will be sent or installed
  • Applicator is our partner that handles installation and service of ID.IOT products
  • As an applicator, he/she must have positive attitude, possess the relevant electrical competencies, and certified
  • The applicator is fully responsible for the grace period of installation, i.e ONE month after installation

We are dedicated to developing complete home automationsystems and creative smart products. Provide users with more convenient, comfortable and secure smart life. Look forward to cooperating with you!

  • Complete line of products to give you the best possible solution
  • Products with elegant design in a class of its own, but with affordable prices
  • Support of highly competent Technical team
  • Wide market that is now trending, giving it a great and highly potential business opportunities
  • R&D support that will provide innovative solutions