5 Aurora Switch 3 Gang

4 Smart Socket B25EU

1 Emergency Button

1 Door / Windows Sensor

2 Motion Sensor

1 Zigbee Mini Hub

1 Water Leakage Sensor

1 Doorlock T1

3 Magic Cube

1 Smart Camera


In-wall lighting control units can be operated centrally and individually. The illuminance can be reduced by switching off or dimming at desired time to create perfect scenes to match your mood, as well as to save energy and reduce operation cost.


Starting a magic lighting moment. A key control to turn on/off the light by "HomeMate" APP and reduce a lot of trouble. No matter where you are in the worl, your light, music, movie all run smoothly. Your lighting can protect your house when you are away. And as you arrive home, everything is running just as you like


Lighting is an important feature in any home and perfect for building a new home. Such as the light dimmed slowly at your dining room and others shut off to romanticize your dinner time. Flashing all of the light help enjoy your party time. All of these sence customised by you and only needs onekey.


Using Orvibo Zigbee motion and window & door sensors with wireless camera to monitor your home and display all the information on your smartphone. Get notification no matter where you're around the globe. Our secure Zigbee security system provides you a true peace of mind.


No matter where you are in the house, grant access to the house and receive notification that something happen wrong, such as the garage door is opened and the gas is leaked. Monitor the state of your home, enjoy the time at home. Providing additional security and added peace of mind


Create your own Smart Home security network with this easy install motion sesor. No electrician required; this is a typical do-it-yourself installation and affordable for conversion certain windows and doors or focus on certain rooms or the entire home. Get alerted anywhere in the word if someone or something is moving about in your home


The most optimal and dreamy lifestyle to people is control everything of your house by the phone. ORVIBO has several technology for you to achieve. The smart control remote turns every home appliance into brand-new smart appliance. All your home electrical and mechanical appliances can be turned on/off, raised/lowered in volume, and even temperature at the desired level and time with a touch of your finger.


Integrate the ORVIBO with your existing appliances so that can be activated on a schedule or with just a few taps on your phone. Users can confirm the status of the refrigerator and set timing open kettle by WiFi socket or turn on/off TV, air-conditioning by infrared remote control. Electricity usage at a glance.


ZigBee multi-functional relay is designed to control to motors railway curtain, electric window, garage door and garden irrigation devices. With the multi-functional relay, users can open or close curtains, electric window, garage door and garden irrigation devices by HomeMate App on the smartphone.